Artist Bio

"Tycho Holden" was born in Burlington, Canada in 1975. Holden works predominantly in the medium of oil painting, but other works include sculpture and installations.

Holden studied Industrial Design in Milan, Italy subsequently refining his own visual and conceptual vocabulary that became influenced by postmodernism and film, banality, abstract impressionism, and subtlety.

 In 2007 Holden founded the highly successful and renown Dubai design firm; Limah Design Consultants. His style here emerged through his focus on the points of intersection between user experience, design, architecture, and spatial analysis.

Tycho currently lives and works in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

About the Work.

 Divergent paths, past tragedies, and parallel universes; I question the choices I’ve made, and paths that were destroyed (or created) with those decisions. I question the events and life choices of my ancestors that form my truth, and the possibilities that could have come about with any tiny variation in any point of time.

 My ideas take shape in mainly in large size pieces of oil, chalk, and charcoal and wax linen. Often the work contains a variety of techniques from realism, surrealism, writing to abstract.

 Through postmodern ideology of no real truth; I explore, as my own unreliable narrator, the life of false truths lived, and my own alternate realities that may exist. As I shrug off the power that some have tried to place over me, through their personal truths, I place on canvas my story, which in itself is just another layer through which I must pass; another false truth.

 My hope for the work is for personal expansion, to expose my desires, to confront what lurks in the shadows, to understand my “self”, the “I”, the “Ego”. My work contains darkness, a bulldozed ontology, which I embrace and confront; this although does not negate my search for purpose which I suppose doesn’t make me postmodern anymore.